Dear Customers, Due to the impact of corona virus, the delivery will be longer than before, please be understanding!
Dear Customers, Due to the impact of corona virus, the delivery will be longer than before, please be understanding!
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A must-have keyboard case for your tablet

If you are searching for 2018 tablet cover with a keyboard then look no further. We introduce to you our best Bluetooth tablet case with keyboard. Our product has
great features that you should not overlook. Some of those features include: but not limited to:
Easy to assemble and disable
When you attach the keyboard cover to your new tablet, it will function exactly as you would imagine: a mini-laptop. The keyboard looks as if the manufacturer made
it for your tablet. Further, the case integrates seamlessly. The Bluetooth functions great – at least 99% of the time.
To install or uninstall your tablet keyboard case, use the built-in press buckle. Hence, your valuable phone will always have the right protection it requires.
Long-lasting, durable construction
Additionally, the case is made of premium Aluminum material. Therefore, the cover and keyboard will provide you matchless convenience for as long as your
tablet exists.
The good thing with the way this cover is made is that it doesn’t add bulkiness or weight to your tablet. So, each cover is made to last long whilst serving its
main functions.
Backlit keys and long working time
This tablet Pro 9.7 cover with keyboard features backlit keys in 7 different colors. More so, it runs for 5 good hours when you switch on one of the backlit keys.
If you decide not to light up any of the keys, then, the case will work up to 120 hours.
The tablet Case with Keyboard is multifunctional – you know – just to serve different needs for our users. The laptop mode, for example, is suitable for anyone that
has important proposals and emails to write.
Once done with your project, just fold or flip the cover into a Tablet, Bracket or Tent mode. This feature is great for those who like entertainment. Additionally,
the new tablet cover features a heavy-duty 2-rotating hinge. This adds lots of security and mobility to the case.
The bottom line
It would not be justifiable to conclude without stating that our keyboard case for tablet is compatible with many tablet. It fits perfectly onto tablet 9.7 and tablet Pro
9.7 models. This is inclusive of the current 2018 tablet 6 Gen(A1893/A1954); 2017 tablet 5(A1822,A1823); tablet Pro9.7(A1673,1674,A1675); tablet Air2(A1566,
A1567); and tablet Air(A1474,A1475,A1476).
So if you own an tablet within the above models, you can comfortably use this keyboard cover. Better still, you’ll enjoy our 2 years warranty, plus 100 percent
30-day money-back guarantee.
Why don’t you make a wise decision and get this tablet case with keyboard?

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