Dear Customers, Due to the impact of corona virus, the delivery will be longer than before, please be understanding!
Dear Customers, Due to the impact of corona virus, the delivery will be longer than before, please be understanding!
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How to be more productive with your tablet at work?

Today, tablet is all set to be used for business purposes. But are you all ready to use it? Well, it is quite easy to use it for basic things, but if you really want to be a pro with it, it is important that you know the right set of features and apps needed. This includes knowing the latest apps to create documents, leveraging cloud to sync them between multiple devices and collaborating with others who want to use these documents.

Downloading the right set of applications: One thing about tablet that not many people know about is that it comes with an office suite. A free download app, iWork is available to all those who have recently bought an tablet. The app includes keynote, pages and numbers, and provides access to wide range of applications to help with presentations, word and spreadsheets. If you work a lot with pdfs, GoodReader application not only helps you to read your pdfs but also lets you edit them in a seamless fashion. So, why not download it and plug it into your workflow.

Integrating your data with other devices: One of the most productive applications that helps you integrate your content with Cloud is Dropbox. It not only backs up your important documents that you have on tablet but also works lets you access them from any other device that has internet connection. Dropbox can sync you files in seconds, edit and do touch ups to your pictures effortlessly and send them back to tablet in fraction of seconds. Of course, Dropbox is not the only player in the game, there are several other cloud storage solutions also that are available for tablet. The idea is to integrate cloud storage with your device

Preparing for communication: tablet is popular for its communication skills. Yes, it can be used for video conferencing, or making calls etc. Do you want to set up a full blown meeting when you are away from your office? Well, your tablet cannot let you down. Get GoTo meeting and WebEx meetings on your tablet and get started instantly.

Scanning documents without a scanner: Do you know who can rescue you in times when you are in need to scan your document urgently and mail it to your boss? Your tablet. Well, yes, the camera of an tablet can be used as a scanner and then there are several apps available today that can help you do the task. So, download one of these apps and use them to take a picture and clip it in a way that it looks like a perfectly scanned copy.

Adding sites to the home screen: If you use some of the websites extensively, when not add them to the home screen. This will save your time as well as effort as the website will act like an app. All you need to do is to navigate to the web page and click on the Share button that appears at the top, and select “Add to Home Screen”.

Buying a keyboard: You are going to use your tablet for lot of type, buying a keyboard can do wonders for you. And if you have a keyboard case, your tablet is no more just an tablet, it functions just like your laptop. So, get a keyboard case and never stop writing.

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