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Must-Have tablet Apps for Writing

tablet multi-fold uses include toddler flypaper, full-time music server, kitchen helper and lots more. But when you combine it with an external keyboard, it can do wonders for you by transforming into an easy-to-use, versatile writing device. And with the umpteen writing apps available today, it can save untold number of hours that writers spend on drafting, writing, editing, etc. So, let us look at some of the must-have apps that can make your writing task simpler on an tablet.

iA Writer
Now writers can write their blogs without any distraction. And that’s the whole idea behind this app iA Writer that first appeared on the laptop. It is a perfect app for all those who are looking for something that has very little in the way of customization. Its pleasant UI helps the writers focus on the most important task – writing - and not get distracted by unwanted elements around them. Another great thing about this app is that it seamlessly syncs across other platforms with the help of iCloud or Dropbox. This means you can continue your blog or ebook on any platform that has an iA Writer app installed on. A perfect example of how powerful accessibility and simplicity can be, iA Writer offers a peaceful, focused writing space for all.

A brilliant app built to help writers focus on content, give them the perfect sense of the place and harmony, Simplenote is mostly used for notetaking purpose. However, its fantastic cross-platform capabilities and pervasive nature makes it one of the best tablet applications that can help you get the right words out of your head and further onto the screen. The design of the app brings together consistency wherever needed, considerate topography and attention to details (for spacing and grids).

Writing Kit
Not as attractive as the iA Writer, the Writing Kit app can handle lots of additional features thanks to all the bells built in it. If you need to research while you write, Writing Kit is the perfect option for you as it has the browser integrated within the application that lets the writers do a quick and easy research whenever needed. You can also enable ad blocking to enjoy reading without any clutters around your reading material. Writers can use their favorite snippets with the help of TextExpander Integration, and import/export the copies from other system and onto social channels. You can also enjoy variety of other features from other apps.

For something simple and straightforward, try PlainText app for tablet. While it is not pretty looking or feature-rich app, it does brilliantly what it is supposed to – it helps the writers write well. It is a Dropbox-synchronized text editor that helps you do your writing task well with the help of paper-like interface. Focusing on the main text is important as you cannot write well if there are distractions around you. PlainText’s simple and neat interface removes all kinds of distractions and let’s you write in peace. Although it doesn’t emphasize on features, there are some that are worth considering.

Another player in the world of tablet writing apps, Byword is a markup application for writing in plain text. It helps you write, sync and export & publish. You can draft your blog or write a story and use the markdown to do subtle syntax highlighting, format text with simple shortcuts and much more. The app ensures all your documents are made available to all your devices with the help of iCloud or Dropbox. You can create these documents anywhere and access them on another device. You can even edit them anytime, anywhere. Once done, you can export and publish your content with the help of export and publish options provided by the app.

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