Dear Customers, Due to the impact of corona virus, the delivery will be longer than before, please be understanding!
Dear Customers, Due to the impact of corona virus, the delivery will be longer than before, please be understanding!
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360-degree tablet case with keyboard

Have you been searching for tablet Keyboard Case? Well, today is your lucky day. This tablet 9.7” Case Keyboard will transform your life for the best. This is ideal for anyone who dislikes the idea of typing on their tablet’s screen. It will eliminate the weight and bulkiness from your sleek, slim devices.

This is a stylish, premium and practical solution that caters to the needs of everyone who owns a 9.7 inch tablet. We are glad to present to you The Ultimate 9.7” tablet Keyboard Case from Phixnozar.

Key features for tablet Keyboard Case

Just before we dig deep into features, one thing that you should know is that tablet cases are different. But there are tons of reasons you should select ours. That said here are some of those reasons:

1. Compatible with many tablet users

This 9.7” size keyboard case is very much compatible with tablet 9.7 and tablet Pro 9.7 models. So if you have an tablet model within this range, then, you can get this case at a pocket-friendly price.

2. 360-degree adjustability

With such high compatibility, don’t expect the case to have anything less than 360-degree adjustability. This means the keyboard case can be used in different ways. As a multi-functional case, it serves different needs for our customers.

The Laptop mode, for instance, is ideal for any user with important proposal and emails to write. Once done, you can fold or flip the case into Tablet, Bracket or Tent mode and enjoy the entertainment.

Besides, our tablet case provides lots of security and mobility – thanks to its heavy-duty 2-rotating hinge.

3. Highly durable

Apart from being a multi-functional item, it is also built to maintain that functionality and last long. This heavy-duty hinge provides the security anyone would want. More so, each case is made to last long whilst maintaining its intended use.

The premium aluminum inside the cover adds strength and secures the device. And that does not add weight or bulkiness to the product. The item is also very reliable – thanks to its built-in press buckle for secure and simple connection.

4. Long lifespan charge

With such a durable and quality case, it will not cut out any mid-sentences. This tablet 5th and 6th Generation keyboard case can last up to 120-hours for every charge.

If working in darkness, just turn on one of the seven back-light colors and it will illuminate the keyboard. In doing so, your battery will last at least for 5 good hours.

5. A 24-months warranty

And the most attractive thing is….

This Backlit Keyboard for tablet comes with a 2 years warranty. In addition, you’ll enjoy the 100 percent 30-day money back guarantee. So, in case something happens to your device within 30 days after purchase, you can always return and get a refund.

The bottom line

As you can see, our tablet Keyboard Case has top-notch features. It has extra-long working time, matchless practicality and assembles in a second. Similarly, it is
fully adjustable and insanely durable.
So, why don’t you buy and make it your own today?

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